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I have asked for my initial $399 to be returned but just got stalling language about other options. I will not send another $199 just to have my Word file published by their system. I cannot understand a company that is to print your input file (of your book) doesn't have ready made software for any standard input format but insists from the get-go that the file be PDF which puts the burden on the author. But once I did that, then I get an email that said that there was a problem with the 'margins'. Is this a flim flam thing? I will try to... Read more

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CreateSpace didn't work out for me. I have no complaints about the product itself. The book came out great. But when it came time to pay out my royalties, a big fat ZERO. The payouts met the minimum threshold, too. They just gave a bunch of lame excuses that never panned out. It was just stalling tactics. There are also many complaints about CreateSpace underreporting sales. CreateSpace is a Amazon company, but it's a shady operation. I would stay away from them. Createspace is no better than the predatory vanity publishers. The result is the... Read more

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I've found Amazon's CreateSpace mostly brilliant (specially their cover-creator). But then they cut me off from all accounts on pretext of copyright violation ( it WAS only a pretext ss NOT TRUE, copyright is something that, as established academic author I much care about). They had promised good, or at any rate fair, royalties on each title so I published many. the first month I received a little (more surely owing - figure below only an estimate, conservative) since then NOTHING!i CAN ONLY CALL IT EMBEZZLEMENT, EVEN FRAUD. I PREFER... Read more

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